What we do


The Preservation Trust was formed in 1964 to restore a late medieval Priory Barn, in Bradford on Avon, acquired as a wreck and given to the newly formed Trust by one of its founders, Elizabeth Stephenson.

Later in the 1960s the Trust merged with the Bradford on Avon Preservation Society, which had been formed in 1959 to save the cottages of Tory and Middle Rank, then scheduled for demolition and replacement with flats.

Since then the Trust has undertaken several more restoration projects. It continues to review planning proposals, making representations to the planning authority and others to try and ensure that Bradford’s special character and appearance are preserved.

The Trust also publishes books on aspects of the town and its history and organises an annual series of talks, trips and exhibitions.


Our aims

To maintain, foster and encourage the particular character and the scenic, historic and architectural values of buildings and land in Bradford on Avon and its neighbourhood and to ensure and promote the integration of new buildings in the area.

To promote the education of the public by assisting in the provision and exhibition to the public of artefacts relating to the history of the area.

● The Trust receives no statutory funding and is supported by about 500 members.

● The Trust campaigns on behalf of Bradford on Avon and its historic environment.

● The Trust publishes the Guardian Angel three times a year, with news and articles concerning Bradford’s past and present.

If you would like details of our work or our programme of events, and can’t find what you need on this site, you can contact us by letter, phone or .



President: Robert Floyd
Vice President: 
Chairman: John Potter
Treasurer: David Cowles
Secretary: Pamela Rolph
Committees and areas of responsibility

Barns: Kate Larard
Historic buildings conservation: Samir Khatri
Planning: Rosie MacGregor
Projects:  Rod Johnston

Property management: John Carter and Brian Elliott
Landscape: Kate Nicholls
Social and events: John Potter and Paige Balas
Station gardens: Jenny Breckman
Townscape: Bob Worlidge
Traffic and air quality: Simon Kay



John Carter
David Cowles
Brian Elliott
Rod Johnston
Simon Kay
Kate Larard
Rosie MacGregor
Kate Nicholls
Andrew Rolph
Pamela Rolph
Richard Ross
Bob Worlidge