Traffic and air quality

BoA is a great place to live, but traffic congestion is the most cited negative aspect of living here. The Preservation Trust is committed to working with stakeholders to push forward the search and implementation of solutions.

Bradford on Avon Streets Ahead (BOASA) is an alliance of stakeholder groups in Bradford on Avon, formed in order to:


·         Share information, and

·         Coordinate objectives and actions most likely to succeed in reducing traffic congestion and damage to the townscape, improving traffic-related public safety and improving air quality.


The alliance represents a much wider constituency (greater than 1000 members) than any one organization. By forming an alliance it is hoped that we can speak with one voice and support Town Council initiatives aligned with our objectives.


BOASA have a website with links to relevant traffic and air quality reports and data. 

Current alliance members include:


·         20s Plenty

·         Area Board

·         BoA Business

·         Climate-friendly BoA

·         Link

·         Preservation Trust

·         Seniors Forum

·         Speedwatch

·         Sustrans

·         West Wilts Rail Users Group

·         White Stripe


The minutes are copied to the Town Council and Wiltshire Council.


The Alliance normally meets on the last Monday of the month in Silver Street House at 7:30 pm



Guardian Angel

This article is an overview of traffic and air quality in BoA.

Traffic Survey

The results of Michelle Donelan’s traffic survey are now available. 

The Preservation Trust supported Michelle’s survey by providing a table of our perception of traffic problems and possible solutions, together with more supporting text explaining our thinking. The table can be viewed here.

March 2016 Wiltshire Life Article

On page 22, this issue of Wiltshire Life carried an article on air quality in Bradford-on-Avon, Calne, Devizes, Marlborough, Salisbury and Westbury. The article included an interview with Simon Kay of the Preservation Trust.

Air Quality

The group's strategy is to focus on addressing traffic congestion. This is the main cause of air pollution and negatively-impacts many other aspects of town life. A one-way system could be a cost-effective way to alleviate the impact of traffic congestion and is supported by many in the town. Vehicle engines are most polluting when idling and reducing traffic jams will reduce the number of cars sitting with idling engines. It would also allow pavements to be widened and make more on-street parking available.

The air monitoring station near the junction of Market Street, Masons Lane and Newtown measures two key pollutants: fine particulates and nitrogen oxides. The data can be accessed online here.

Fine particulates can penetrate deeply into the lungs and cause respiratory problems, while nitrogen oxides can weaken resistance to respiratory pathogens (e.g. colds and ‘flu, pneumonia or TB). In addition to human health effects, air pollution can cause deterioration of building fabrics and discolouration of stonework.  The 2015 monitoring data actually show there were no air quality standard exceedances for nitrogen oxides and only 12 days when particulates exceeded the air quality standard. So far in 2016 there have been a few exceedances for both pollutants.


Residents need to be offered a choice of traffic solutions, rather than one solution or no solution. This is why we collated an over-view of options in a table (add another link to the table attached to this document called Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust Traffic Solutions). We continue to explore other options suggested by town residents and businesses.

MP Michelle Donelan is helping the town address traffic issues. Michelle’s survey results have confirmed that traffic congestion, pedestrian safety and air pollution, in that order, are the most important concerns selected by survey respondents.

The majority of respondents thought that a one-way system would be the most suitable solution for traffic congestion, followed closely by a by-pass and town-wide vehicle weight limit. A new pedestrian bridge is also popular. If computer modelling could show that a one-way system would benefit the town, a substantial majority of respondents thought that a trial scheme should be implemented.

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