The Townscaping Group

- Practical cost-free work to enhance the town

- Encouraging ‘best practice’ in maintaining the town’s character

- Specific improvement projects.

There is room for volunteer ‘townscapers’ to help the group - do-ers, talkers and writers, and project planners, as well as committee ‘sitters’.

BoA Character Assessment

Anyone considering changes to a property or other infrastructure in the town’s Conservation Area will benefit from being familiar with the town’s “Character Assessment”, a document from 2008 created by the old West Wiltshire District Council.  It provides an overview of the development of the town, its architectural history, building material and much more and, importantly, suggestions on how to maintain and enhance the town’s special ambience.

Though nearly ten years old now, and with many changes in the built environment in that time, it remains a valuable document. Download it here.

It has helpful maps (Download them here) and photographs of the town’s districts, and concludes with a simple checklist for anyone considering works.

A short article about the Character Assessment appeared in Guardian Angel in Spring 2013. Download it here.